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picture of camille taylor
Alta Vista Community Charter School is an extraordinary organization of experiential learning, built upon a foundation of partnership among our Governance Council, students, exceptional staff, highly involved families, and supportive district authorizer. Our founders chose the charter school model because of a deeply held belief not only that schools should be accountable for student learning, but also that infusing learning with real-life experiences would cultivate successful, responsible and valuable citizens. Experiential education has been at the heart of my work in education since founding my first charter school in 2005. I am honored to be a part of the exceptional group of educators,  paraprofessionals and staff members at Alta Vista. 
As Auburn Union School District’s elementary school of choice, Alta Vista offers an important innovation in the district’s public education program, enjoying the flexibility to:
  • Design cutting edge programs and integrate technologies that ensure every student’s individual abilities and passion are nurtured.
  • Pursue and create unique professional opportunities for teachers. Empower teachers to collaborate across content areas, grade levels and specialties to create rigorous, engaging, interdisciplinary units of instruction that improve student learning.
  • Allow our administrators and educators to make decisions about budget, programs and staffing that are in the best interests of our students.
  • Offer parents another public school option to meet their child’s specific needs.
As we come together for the 2017/18 school year, Alta Vista will continue to build on the intent of its founders five years ago, developing our project based learning model through Innovation Labs learning spaces, ongoing project-based curriculum design, and enrichment opportunities to explore individual passions. With the dreams and determination of our staff and families, our modest start is evolving into a center of learning grounded in empathy, understanding, sharing of ideas, and building creative solutions.
We know that successful global citizens evolve from joyful learning experiences which reach beyond academics to address the needs of the whole child, and invite you to us in this exciting learning adventure.
Camille Taylor