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Independent Study at Alta Vista Community Charter SchoolTop of Page

Independent Study at Alta Vista is a highly effective alternative instructional strategy for eligible students to ensure that academic progress is maintained when personal circumstances make classroom attendance difficult.  Requirements for Independent Study include:

  • Parents/guardians of students who are interested in independent study must have a Master Agreement on file with the school for the current term.
  • Planned Off-Campus Days: Complete the top portion of the Assignment and Work Record Form and provide it to the student’s teacher at least five school days prior to initial Independent Study day. The teacher will complete the Assignment Section of the form and will leave it and corresponding instructional materials for the parent/guardian to pick up in the office on the school day prior to the first day of Independent Study.
  • Single Un-Planned Off-Campus Day: Parents must notify the Office Attendance Clerk by 8 am on the day the student will not be in class to request a single day of independent study.
  • Completed Independent Study work and Assignment and Work Record Form must be submitted to the student's teacher or school principal on the day the student returns to the classroom in order to receive academic and attendance credits.
The teacher or principal will approve independent study for an individual student only upon determining that the student is prepared to meet the school’s requirements for independent study and is likely to succeed in independent study.  For more information on Alta Vista's Independent Study options, see the AVCCS Independent Study Policy.